April 24, 2020

SGBC Family News | April 24, 2020

Dear SGBC Brothers and Sisters,

Peace in the Lord be with you! It has been a month that we have held different church meetings online. SGBC pastoral resources have been put into making a smooth transition from holding physical meetings to online gatherings. As a result, the online Sunday worship service started on March 22, the online Saturday prayer meeting (Cantonese) started on March 28, the ESC prayer network started on March 19, and various life groups were also launched online afterwards. Cantonese and Mandarin Sunday School will also be resumed this Sunday and Monday (April 26 and 27) which English Sunday School lessons will be taken up during fellowship.

Now that all meetings are on track, the pastoral and deacon team hopes to maintain more personal care, ministry and connection with brothers sisters. Therefore, we have established a “Network of Care” of SGBC. Each brother and sister of the SGBC family will have a designated pastor or deacon to keep in touch with you through phone or messaging to provide practical help, care and prayers. We also hope to collect your opinions or suggestions on different online gatherings and resources through this “Network of Care” so that we can better understand the needs of everyone and achieve a two-way communication.

Listen & Do the Word – “Trying Times, Unwavering Truth”

At CSC and LMM worship last week the topic was “Transformation Through Tensions”, which reminded us to persist on being in harmony with people, including couples, parents, children, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and friends, etc., transforming the tension of relationships in life into a force for spiritual growth. During the current pandemic prevention period, we may be spending way more time with family than in the past. We sincerely recommend the following online resources for parents' reference.
Reconnect Ministry: https://www.hkreconnect.org.hk/free-resources
Living Water Counselling Centre: https://livingwater-counselling.org/

And at ESC worship we talked about “Overcoming Fear and Anxiety”. Though it might be impossible to go completely fearless, we can always be fearing less as we put our trust in God more. The key is to “not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God, and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)” And especially during this period of staying home all the time, we do need to let God guard our hearts and minds by “thinking about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. (Philippians 4:8)” May the LORD God be our help!

Appendix (1): Sharing with you an overview of Christian movies for free online viewing. Suitable for the whole family to enjoy as well as a healthy entertainment.

Weekend Music Fun

At our sincere invitation, Hong Kong's famous “Music Seeds Garden” is offering SGBC schoolages children music activities for four consecutive Fridays and Saturdays hoping to provide families some fun and education. For information about “Music Seed Garden”, please visit its website: http://www.musicseedsgarden.com/ All related fees have been sponsored by some loving brothers and sisters. The details of the event are as follows:

Stay Home with Beethoven

Learning classical music is fruitful and joyful. Music Seeds Garden brings children to learn Beethoven's music in fun and creative way. Would you like to drive, dive, picnic... play hide and seek with Beethoven?! Please come and join us!

Dates: May 8, 15, 22, 29 (4 lessons)
Time: Friday 10:30am - 11am
Age: 2.5 – 5 years old
Class size: 10-12 students (mandatory to attend all 4 lessons)

Online Music Theatre

Online meeting does not have to be boring! It is an individual small music theatre! In this theatre, you can create sound effect along the story. You can be some of the story characters, sing and express your views. You can also be a story composer creating a unique story line.

Dates: May 9, 16, 23, 30 (4 lessons)
Time: Saturday 10:30am - 11:15am
Age: 6 – 11 years old
Class size: 10-12 students (mandatory to attend all 4 lessons)

The above activities are in English and will be held on the Zoom online conferencing platform. No video recording is allowed during the class.

Enquiry: Mrs. Bernice Wu, Tel: 647-728-7643
Registration: Please inform the child's name and age by email and the parent's contact number
Email address: [email protected]
First come first served

Community Care Campaign: “Love In Action”

How should the brothers and sisters of the SGBC reach out and bless and express the great love of Christ to our community? We encourage everyone to actively participate in the following actions. Last week I shared with you that we would be making and donating DIY reusable hand-sewn masks to those in need in our church and community.

* Reusable hand-sewn masks are non-medical-grade but serve as an additional measure that people can take to protect others around them, especially in situations where maintaining physical distance is a challenge. Our action also aims at reducing the consumption of one-time use surgical masks in order to save them for the frontline health workers who need them the most. Please refer to CDC-US webpage for additional usage instruction and guideline: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html

Who can help and contribute?

  1. We are recruiting 5 or more sewers. Brothers and sisters who can sew please help out.
  2. We have set up a dedicated email address for “Love In Action” communication. Hope that you can connect with your family and friends inform us with their needs. Please specify the number of masks you would need, contact number, email address, address and email to OE ministry @ [email protected]. SGBC brothers and sisters are welcome to receive as many masks as you need for personal use or to give to relatives, friends and neighbours.
  3. We also welcome everyone to make donations to support this campaign. Appendix (2) provides all the details to this donation account. All designated donations are used to support the purchase of the medical supplies required by the COVID-19 front-line health workers as well as the materials for DIY hand-sewn masks. The cost of each DIY cloth mask is about CAD $3. Please support “Love In Action” so that it can even be expanded.
  4. Please also suggest any creative way to us on how we can use the resources God gives to our church to contribute to the community.

For enquiries and suggestions, please contact:
647-547-3618 (Church Office: Connie Siu)
[email protected] (Pastor William Wong)

ESC Thursday Prayer Network & CSC Saturday Prayer Meeting

“Pray more, you have more power; pray less, you have less power; no praying, no power. We must pray more and more often.”

ESC Prayer Network on Thursday 8-8:45pm: See you there!

CSC Prayer Meeting on Saturday 9-10am: Please visit the church website for more details.

Pray that this newsletter will help us walk in the Truth and face the trying times together! See you Sunday!

Rev. Hubert Wu
Senior Pastor
Stouffville Grace Baptist Church