July 17, 2020

SGBC Family News | July 17, 2020

Dear SGBC Brothers and Sisters,

Peace of God be with you! As you know, we started a new sermon series last Sunday July 12: “Lives in Transitions”. Life must undergo different changes. Some changes are triggered by different stages of life, such as entering a school, marrying, relocating, having children, and retiring. Some changes are sudden and uncontrollable, but they have a huge impact on our lives, such as broken relationships, unemployment, serious illness, aggrievement, switching industries, economic reversal, virus transmission (SARS, COVID-19), etc. In this sermon series, we will look at different Biblical characters to see how they experienced the changes in life which became opportunities for encounters with God and growth through life. We sincerely invite you to explore the opportunities of breaking through life with us!

Online 5-Day Bible Club

First SGBC 5-Day Bible Club will be held online on August 10-14 this year! The theme is "Inventor Fuzzywig's Workshop" led by Child Evangelism Fellowship. It will be held on Zoom for one hour at 4-5pm on Zoom on Monday to Friday. Children to join with a limit of 20 children. Please visit https://bit.ly/SGBC-5-Day-Club-Registration for details and registration. You are also welcome to contact Pastor Ada at [email protected] for any enquiry. Registration already started on July 5. Pray that this event will not only provide a platform for the children to know God and truth, but also an opportunity to reach out to their friends.

Community Care Campaign – "Love in Action" DIY Cloth Mask Progress Report:

As Ontario is now gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, demand and supply condition of protective face mask is becoming stabilized as well; The task group felt that it’s time to halt the production during the Summer season. We are thankful for a very fruitful campaign and following is a summary of the result:

1) Production Summary:

a) Cloth mask production:

  • Total: 4743
  • Offered: 4270
  • Remaining: 473


b) Nursing cap production:

  • Total: 1694
  • Offered: 1409
  • Remaining: 122


2) Recipients:

  • SGBC Members & Families: 39
  • Locals: 93
  • Medical & Community Care Institutions: 35 (e.g. Hope and Healing International; Africa needs protective face masks)

3) Gratitude: We have received lot of warm regards from the recipients near and far, and their sharing is a good testimony of how Christ’s love has touched many through the mask campaign.

Wearing is Caring! Caring is Sharing!
“Unbelievable! Fine workmanship! My heart is in tears! I almost cried! A heartfelt gift indeed!
“My beloved Brother S and Sister G sent several cloth masks that were sewn by themselves from Toronto. When I opened the package, I saw the exquisite packaging, the inside page of the detailed description of the use of the mask and included a coaster of “Five Spiritual Guides”, where the Gospel message is printed. For me, it was already eye-opening!
“Of course, a cloth mask sewn with love is indispensable. Amazing! It was found that another layer of filter paper can be stored inside, just like the discovery of the "New World". Behind this cloth mask are a group of loving brothers and sisters in the Lord who have put their thoughts and meticulous craftsmanship on their hands and designed and considered them with the utmost care. How can this be! How can you not be moved!
“Also, I know that Stouffville Grace Baptist Church is actively involved in supporting the community, providing cloth masks to those in need to face the COVID-19 pandemic. I am really grateful to God's mercy and caring for the community through them! We continue to cheer for you! Support you with prayer! Bless your ministry in the Lord!
“Maybe you, like me, don’t have a sewing machine and don’t know how to sew. It doesn't matter, besides praying, we can also give money and participate in their ministry! Walk with them and serve the community!”
Peggy from Seattle USA
June 6, 2020

On the other hand, once SGBC resume on site worship services, we anticipate the usage rate of cloth masks may increase again, more so entering the flu season, we decided to reserve about 400 masks in stock as emergency purpose. If you have any enquiry, please continue to contact us by phone or email: 647-547-3618 (SGBC office: Connie Siu) / email: [email protected]

Rev. Hubert Wu
Senior Pastor, Stouffville Grace Baptist Church