2021-02-28 ESC Sunday Worship

Spiritual Uprising (2) Absent from God’s Presence
Jeremiah 2:1-13
Rev. Hubert Wu

The presence of an absence

  1. God’s presence in our absence (Jeremiah 2:1-13; John 14:15-17)
  2. Habitual negligence (Jeremiah 2:4-5)
    • “went far” away from our relationship with God
    • “went after” earthly security
  3. Asking in the wrong places (Jeremiah 2:6-8; Matthew 7:7-8)
  4. Too busy to drink from living water (Jeremiah 2:9-13; John 4:13-14)

Are we present or absent in our relationship with God?
Does it prohibit us from experiencing God in a more personal way?
What are some habits we can commit to in our everyday lives to practice presence?