May 15, 2020

SGBC Family News | May 15, 2020

Dear SGBC Brothers and Sisters,

There are three important messages to share with you on this week's "SGBC Family News". Although this pandemic has brought a lot of changes and related adaptations, God ’s love for the world and the hope and commitment of the Great Commission for every follower has not changed! How can we actively establish disciples and practice the Great Commission during this period? We hope that the following resources will let God's love to be manifested in our families and our communities, and even in the world.

Practice the Great Commission in Our Home

Parents of G.1-8 children and preteens please watch this 6-minute video:

Online Children Worship Launched

To nurture children to become disciples, we must first help them understand the importance of regular corporate worship. Parents of students in G.1-8 are invited to select a time slot and attend worship with their children. The whole child worship is about 20 minutes. Please prepare their hearts and help them focus on the importance to learning the Word of God in worship as we dedicate our time and our hearts to worship God. Please visit church website and click on "Online Worship" and select "Children Worship" to participate.

"Family Ministry Parents Night" on May 20 Wednesday 8-9pm

"Family Ministry Parents Night" will be held on the next two Wednesdays (May 20 and 27) from 8 am to 9 pm. Parents of students in the G.1-8 are encouraged to participate. Pastor Karen Lam and Mrs. Bernice Wu will be sharing on how to set up "Family Altar" and its relationship with children worship as well as how to be a child’s life mentor at home effectively nurturing them to grow spiritually. Please register on A Zoom link will be sent to registrants later.

Practice the Great Commission in Our Community

SGBC Connect – Love In Action 2: “Meals on Wheels” Campaign

Senior citizens are some of the most vulnerable among us. They can be in grave danger if they catch a virus like COVID-19, but SGBC can serve them by making sure they still get what they need, just when cooking or leaving home for groceries shopping become impossible. Join force with Carefirst Senior Community Service, SGBC-OE Ministry is now campaigning a second stage of "Love in Action" community care projects:

Meals on Wheels

  • Agency vehicle – driver (Carefirst staff) + runner (volunteer)
  • Service Time: Monday–Friday 11am–1pm
  • Volunteer to meet at Carefirst (300-Silver Star Blvd) for meals pick up
    • Regular Chinese hot meals (has safe food handling protocol)
      • Service boundary: North up to Hwy 7
    • Frozen Chinese/Western meals
      • Service boundary: North up to Bloomington Road, East up to Tenth Line

Groceries shopping

  • Agency vehicle – driver (staff) + shopper (volunteer)
  • Service time – morning
  • Volunteer to meet driver at designated Grocery store – TnT (Warden & Steeles)
  • Procedures:
    • Client chooses items (approximately 20 grocery items) on a list and returns to staff coordinator
    • Coordinator to arrange schedule for groceries shopping
    • Deliver groceries to client’s home
    • Leave groceries at entrance and pass receipt to client

Volunteer Recruitment, Briefing and Orientation, Deployment

  • Agency vehicle – driver (staff) + shopper (volunteer)
  • Service period – flexible (weeks, months)
  • Temporary volunteer ID badge (with photo) is available
  • Briefing/orientation session – within 45 minutes, in group virtually with volunteer coordinator and case
  • Walk through usage of PPE and other health & safety procedures

Carefirst produced a 30 minutes video on YouTube Channel about this COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Program that will give you a more comprehensive picture:

Restore Canada Calls for Assistance to Residents in the City

In addition to "SGBC Connect Love Action 2", we can also make practical assistance actions to residents in the city through Restore Canada. Restore Canada has a new client, a single mother with four children. Their house was recently destroyed by a fire, and they were not allowed to enter the burnt house to take anything that could not be taken out when the fire broke out. Her urgent needs are a place to stay temporarily and clothing for everyone, toiletries, diapers, etc. Restore Canada is calling for donations of toiletries/diapers and clothing (new or used). The following are the sizes of clothes they need:

Women's XL (for mom), Women's L (for 12yr old girl), Boy's size 14-16 (for 10yr old boy), Boy's size 4-5 (for 3yr old boy), Boy's size 1-2 (for 1yr old boy), Size 4 diapers.

Brothers and sisters please bring donated items to The Olive Branch Community Church, 175 Anderson Avenue, Markham on Thursday, May 21 between 12pm and 5 pm. Please bring supplies to the last set of double doors (the door closest to the train track) on the north side of the church. Thank you!

New Opportunity for Outreach – Alpha Course Online

The impact of the epidemic on the world makes us feel that life is short and fragile. The OE Department hopes that brothers and sisters can seize the opportunity so that those who do not believe in Christ can hear the gospel and receive eternal and abundant life. Therefore, the church is preparing to launch the "SGBC Alpha Online". This course allows participating friends to explore the true meaning of life together in an open and friendly setting.

This event is held in Cantonese which includes watching short videos and group discussions. The OE Department is planning to start this course on June 3 and it will be held over video conferencing. We encourage brothers and sisters to invite friends and family to join us and spend a relaxing yet meaningful evening at home. For registration details, please pay visit the church website, or contact Elton Fung at the OE Department: [email protected], (647) 547-3618.

Let’s Practice the Great Commission in the World

There is no other time when people need Jesus even more than this very moment! Attached is a beautiful and special edition of the "SGBC Mission Road" produced by the Mission Department for everyone. Let us count God's blessings on the SGBC Mission Road and be thankful for His guidance all along. We hope that these testimonies will encourage you to be more concerned or the missionary fields and missionaries supporting them with prayer and offering. Equip yourself to participate when life returns to normal in short-term mission! We can start praying for a mission heart.

Pray that this newsletter will help us walk in the Truth and face the trying times together! See you Sunday!

Rev. Hubert Wu
Senior Pastor, Stouffville Grace Baptist Church