Contract Mandarin Pastor

To Karen, 'music' and 'mission' are two inseparable words that tell of her service to the Lord as she does music with a mission and always do mission work with music. Ever since her conversion in 1984, Karen has had a strong passion for evangelism. She would go out of her way to remove obstacles for others and show them the way to Christ. Other than personal evangelism, God also uses Karen's vocal gift and training in leading worship and for mass evangelism both locally and overseas, serving Chinese in all three languages of Mandarin, Cantonese and English. In the early years Karen invested a lot of time in youth work together with her husband, Leo. It was rewarding in that some of the youths have become church leaders and some, dedicated counterparts of her music ministry.

Karen had been an I.T. person by profession for over 30 years, went to Tyndale in 2004 and graduated from the MTS Modular program in 2006. After her early retirement in 2015, Karen has been heavily involved in reaching out to the Chinese community in Stouffville through ESL
programs. She is tirelessly serving the purpose of God in her life and the needs of others around her. She strongly believes that the love of God is to be lived out, not just talked about.

Karen is a mother of two and a grandmother of four. She loves travelling and enjoys listening to God’s stories of others while sharing her own.