2022-01-23 Vision Sunday Joint Service

First Love (4) Surprised by Small Beginnings
Matthew 13:31-33
Rev. Hubert Wu


  • Do you consider yourself insignificant or significant to the world? What about SGBC?
  • “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude, Expectation Often Determines Outcome”
  1. Small Beginnings with Great Potentials (1 Samuel 17:1-53)
    1. Don’t mistake ‘small’ for ‘insignificant’
    2. Value God’s grace in your life
  2. Let the Power of God Permeate through You
    1. Inside-Out Transformation
      • Guide Me Five
        1. Grace
        2. Growth
        3. Good Stewardship
        4. Group
        5. Gift
    2. Develop Your Growth Environment
  3. Surprised by God

Let’s make a New Year Resolution together:
Don’t waste our God-given potentials, let the power of God permeate through us by putting ourselves in an environment suitable for spiritual growth, and expect to be surprised by God with great things!