SGBC COVID-19 Special Notice

SGBC Family News | March 14, 2020

Dear SGBC brothers and sisters,

2 Thessalonians 3:16 "Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all." During this time of turbulence, we ask the Lord to give us the peace that transcends all understanding and keep our hearts.

Regarding COVID-19, SGBC will continue to closely monitor the situation and follow the latest development and spread of the virus according to the Toronto Department of Public Health striving to ensure the safety of the community and the congregation. So far, the virus is still a "low" risk to the public in Stouffville. Ontario health department guidelines recommend suspending group gatherings of more than 250 people. Given that SGBC’s total number of people on Sunday is far below this standard, we will continue our services tomorrow (3/15 Sunday).

In addition to the original guidelines, we will increase the following preventive measures in order to create an appropriate environment for brothers and sisters to focus on worshipping God while preventing a wider spread of this pandemic. Brothers and sisters are also responsible to help implement these precautions.

Sunday worship

  1. Worship service times and locations on March 15:
    Mandarin worship: 9:30am in Room 226
    English worship: 9:45am at EastRidge Café on 2/F
    Cantonese worship: 11:15am in the sanctuary
    Children worship: 11:15am in Room 222 (children can be dropped off after 11am)
  2. Enough hand sanitizers will be provided. Upon entering the church building and each worship space please wash your hands with hand sanitizers and rub for at least 15 seconds until it is completely absorbed. If you need it during service, please raise your hand.
  3. Seats will be sufficiently spaced out in order to carry out social distancing. Please maintain a proper distance between people and avoid physical contact. Greet each other with a wink or a smile.
  4. Offering bags will not be passed around.
  5. Nursery will be suspended. Parents are requested to bring their infants/toddlers to join worship.
  6. Starting from March 22, SGBC will provide live-streaming worship online at the same time with live worship at EastRidge for those who cannot participate in worship at EastRidge. Please pay attention to any updates and instructions on SGBC website or contact our leadership team or office. Stay tuned!
  7. In accordance with the development of the pandemic and the guidelines of the Ontario Health Department, we will put updates on SGBC website and Facebook page every Friday which will also be communicated by the leaders.

Sunday School

  1. All Sunday School classes will continue tomorrow March 15, and seats will be arranged to maintain proper social distance. Some Sunday School classes will be moved to larger rooms based on the number of participants. Please take note of Sunday school announcements on the EastRidge side door (north entrance). There will be no children program during CSC Sunday School/LMM worship (9:30am-11am).
  2. Sunday School will then be suspended for three Sundays from March 22 to April 5. There will be no children program at all for three Sundays from March 22 to April 5.

Life Groups

  1. Depending about the members of the congregations and different needs, each congregation can decide whether to hold small group gatherings.
  2. CSC Life Groups have been suspended for three weeks until April 5.

During the pandemic, it is vital that the people of God continue if not more to support and encourage each other. While taking extra precautions, we can all learn to be flexible and encourage each other to “meet up”, e.g. through online platforms. Let’s learn to worship together, share, watch, and pray for yourself, for the family of God, for the sick and for the world. Continue to study the Word of God and spend time with the LORD, and keep in touch with pastors and leaders and brothers and sisters at church. Remember that our Lord is sovereign and gracious to all. May the Lord have mercy.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support for the corresponding measures of this new pandemic!

Rev. Hubert Wu
Senior Pastor of SGBC
March 14, 2020